“How I Went From Stressed Out, Having a Near-Death Experience, To Taking Control Of My Mind And My Life To Beat Stress And Feel Good Every Day”…

Discover the Simple But Effective Strategies I Had To ‘Figure Out’ From My Own Pain And Suffering… That Helped Me Beat Stress Without Medication, Regain Control Of My Mind And Body And Feel Good Again Every Day…

Dear Friend,

If you’re stressed out, feeling anxious, under pressure, ‘out of control’ or just feeling terrible every day due to stress from work, life, a relationship or for any other reason, this website is for you.

If you’re experiencing physical symptoms of stress, have ongoing health problems due to stress, or if you just feel bad every day, I understand where you’re at, because I’ve been there myself.

My name is Matt Adams, and at age 27 I suffered a stress-related panic attack (or heart attack, I’m not really sure) due to work related stress.

And my life has never been the same again.

I was driving along in my car, and out of no where my heart started thumping a million miles an hour, I pushed back in my seat in some sort of attempt to stop what was happening, but it continued as I was quickly and repeatedly gasping for breath.

I couldn’t pull the car over as I was on a busy road with no option to pull over.

It was all over in around ten seconds I think, but it felt like forever.

As soon as it stopped, I had a layer of perspiration over any exposed skin, and the tip of my tongue was completely numb.

Even as I type this, I’m feeling anxious as I relive these feelings. I just had to ‘shake it out’ of my body to change the way I’m feeling as I write this. My heart is racing as I was reliving the experience.

I kept on driving, I was only 5 minutes away from the nearest doctor where they hooked me up to an ECG machine. The diagnosis? NOTHING!

Nothing showed up, nothing was abnormal.

But there was no mistaking what had just happened.

Stress… “The Silent KILLER”

They call stress the silent killer and I just had a first-hand taste of it.

This all happened at around 11am on a Thursday, and at 2pm I received a call to say I was being offered a job that I had interviewed for earlier that week.

This wasn’t just any job, it was a stressful one where although I was to be on-the-road as an Account Manager, the company had access to my online diary to ‘track’ what I was doing every day, essentially having ‘control’ over what I was doing, and where I was doing it. I didn’t like that.

I accepted the role with some major feelings of apprehension, not knowing if I could actually follow through with doing the job.

They’d showed me around the office the next day and explained the role and the expectations. As I’m walking and listening to the job description, I was getting more and more worried, thinking “can I even do this?” (given my ‘episode’ the day before).

I was due to fly interstate the following Monday for a week’s induction training. Flights and hotel were booked.

I spent all Saturday and half of Sunday completely worried and scared that I might actually die if I go through with this.

I was picturing being ‘trapped‘ in an office all week with no ‘freedom’ to get out of the office for some fresh air if I needed it.

I ended up calling my Mum in tears and telling her about what happened on Thursday.

She said two words that stuck out to me… “come home”.

But I couldn’t, or rather I didn’t want to.

I would have felt like I was ‘giving in’ or ‘giving up’ in some way, and I just couldn’t do it.

I ended up calling the Manager who interviewed me to tell him I couldn’t take the job. I made up an excuse, something like “I wouldn’t be committed“. It was wishy-washy but he certainly didn’t want someone who wouldn’t be committed to the job.

That all happened on a Sunday.

Lightening Shocks

That next Thursday I received the most random phone call from a recruitment agency that had my name on their database from years prior.

There was a manual labour job available at a ladder factory (seriously).

I knew I couldn’t handle doing a ‘mental/intellectual’ job given my current state, so I took the job and started the very next day.

For the following 9 months I worked in that factory and several others doing various types of manual labour from making ladders to packing shipping containers to working at a brick-making yard (without a doubt the hardest job I’ve ever done!).

I hated all the jobs, but I felt it was the only thing I could do because there was no stress ‘on my mind’. I could use my hands, and not having any type of pressure on my mind.

For the immediate three months following my ‘episode’ I just wasn’t the same person.

On a daily basis basis I was having feelings of ‘lightening’ in my heart. It’s one thing to have a broken bone, a pulled muscle, or an infection of some kind that seems like it will never end, but to having ‘shocks’ that feel like lightening going through your heart every day is one of the scariest things you could ever go through.

For that three months I didn’t/couldn’t work a full week. I worked either 3 or 4 days per week only. I had to call in sick.

It got to a point that the recruitment agency called me and said, “Matt, they’re happy with your work but they’re worried that you’re not committed to the job“. Fair enough I thought. If I were them I would have thought the same way if someone kept calling in sick.

So I decided to go early the next day to speak to the Manager, and I apologised and explained that due to previously being highly-stressed in a previous real estate job, that I’m still going through some ‘stuff’. But I assured her that I was committed and did want to be there, and she was happy to hear that, and showed complete understanding.

Stress 1.0

The previous real estate ‘stress’ I mentioned to her related to what I refer to as ‘Stress 1.0’.  The episode I explained above was actually “Stress 2.0”, and a ‘nail in the coffin’ of sorts.

Stage one happened when I was managing two real estate offices in my second year in real estate and failed to take time off. I ended up experiencing ‘stress symptoms’ for about three months prior to resigning on-the-spot one day.

I’ve literally never been the same since (for worse and for better).

The Stage 2 episode though was definitely a ‘message from the Universe’ (or ‘message from God’, depending on your beliefs).

And this time I had to heed the warning. And I did.

Aside from working in jobs I hated for 9 months I did one other thing. Self-rehab.

A Way Out

I started exercising, I started eating better, I started meditating, I started about ten other things that helped me to gain back a sense of control over my mind and body.

But there was one thing I did at around the 3 to 4 month mark that changed my life for the better.

I implemented a technique I read in a book, and it literally changed my life from then on.

From that point, I didn’t take a day off work for the following 6 months straight!

I went on to discover, ‘figure out’ and ‘invent’ over 30 different techniques and strategies that have literally ‘saved my life’, as well as ‘changed my life’.

I am the person I am today thanks to this major stress episode, but more specifically, thanks to the things I’ve realised, figured out or invented along the way just to ‘cope’.

Would I take back that stress episode if I could turn back time? On some days I think yes, because of the pain it’s caused me. Other days I think ‘no’, because of the strength, satisfaction and health it’s created in my life.

What’s Your Stress Story?

What about you… what’s your ‘story’ with stress?

How badly does it affect your life every day?

What are you going through every day?

How are you ‘coping’ or not coping?

If you feel like there’s ‘no way out’, I get it, I’ve been there too.

If you feel stuck with your life circumstances or you feel like you’re on a treadmill you can’t get off, I get it.

If you imagine nothing but the worst in the future because of how you feel in the present, I get that too.

If you’re taking medication just to cope, and feel like you now can’t do without the medication, then I’ve got a way out for you.

Stress Medication?

Despite all the challenges and several ‘near death’ experiences (in addition to the ‘major’ one I’ve mentioned above)… I’ve never taken ANY pharmaceutical drugs to deal with stress or stress symptoms.

I chose instead to ‘keep it natural’… and I figured out ways to cope and overcome my stress symptoms so that ultimately I’d experience true ‘health’.

I did take one sleeping tablet one night. The reason I took that is because the night before I literally didn’t sleep for a minute. I couldn’t sleep because I was terrified that if I went to sleep, I wouldn’t wake up. That was the exact thought I had.

The morning after I took the sleeping tablet, I woke up feeling so bad that I threw the sleeping tablets in the trash. I’ve never taken a sleeping tablet before that night and I’ve never taken a sleeping tablet since then.

Taking Control

If you’re ready to take back control of your mind, body and emotions and feel good every day, I can help you.

If you’re ready to take responsibility for your life and implement the simple strategies I’ve discovered or invented to help me cope with and overcome stress, I can help you.

If you’re ready to stop the pain and bad feelings associated with stress, and feel good about your life, your current circumstances and your future, I can help you.

I’ve created an e-book called “7 Easy Ways To Beat Stress And Feel Good Again which is filled with 7 powerful strategies I’ve used myself to beat stress and create peace in my life.

The Guide is designed to give you practical, actionable strategies that you can use immediately to begin to take back control and create feelings of peace, contentment and wellness within yourself.

In fact, as soon as you have the ebook, and read the first technique, you could try it straight away and begin to feel better within seconds.

And there’s another 6 easy to follow and easy to implement techniques that you can try out on yourself for the next week and I can pretty much guarantee that if you follow my instructions, you’ll get the results your looking for.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside “7 Easy Ways To Beat Stress And Feel Good Again”

  • The one technique I discovered in a book that allowed me to work full time without having a day off in 6 months!
  • The simple god-given gift that most people overlook when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety
  • Simple brain hacks that help you gain control over the ‘monkey mind’
  • Little-known body touch-points that can change the way you feel in less than 60 seconds
  • How your thoughts and words affect your physiology and feelings (most people completely ignore these!)
  • How your eyes contribute to your stress feelings (and what to do to next to help you feel good again)
  • 3 herbal supplements that changed my life (and that I still take to this day)
  • What to change in your immediate environment to instantly change the way you feel (for the better!)

In the e-book I’ll be revealing the above and a whole lot more.

I’m adding the finishing touches to the e-guide, and before it goes on sale, you can grab a free copy if you answer some simple questions for me…

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